Model 3 Brake Master Cylinder Bracket (for RHD models only)

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Model 3 Brake Master Cylinder Bracket (for RHD models only)


When the brake pedal is pressed in any car, the force from your foot is transferred through the pedal to the brake master cylinder, which is where that force is converted by a piston into the hydraulic pressure used to push the brake pads against the discs.

A common problem with the Tesla Model 3 is the deflection in the bulkhead when the brake pedal is depressed, effectively moving the master cylinder and reducing braking effort.  The driver perceives this as a poor or spongy brake pedal.  The solution is to fix a brace or bracket in front of the cylinder to prevent it from moving. A suitable bracket already exists for LHD Models, but nothing has been available for the RHD market – until now.

Because the location and clearances around the RHD master cylinder is so different to LHD models, the engineering challenge was significant. This bracket is not simply a 'mirror image' of the LHD version! We started by 3D scanning all surfaces in the surrounding area to provide our boundaries and identify mounting possibilities.  Using this scan data we developed a CAD 3D model of the bracket utilising all available space and produced 3D printed prototypes to trial fit. 

We then moved to the design optimisation phase. Finite Element Analysis was used to determined the areas of maximum stress enabling us to refine the bracket design further and specify the material required to achieve our safety criteria, an extremely high strength Aluminium 2014T651.

The final design incorporates two mounting bosses and one support boss linked by a complex profiled surface which has been modelled and manufactured to be light but also very strong. The only realistic solution to manufacturing this relatively complex component was 5-axis CNC milling from billet. The latest CAD-CAM software and 600,000 lines of code were used to ensure a high quality finish but also to make the final product affordable. A lot of time and effort has gone into this product!

This bracket is specifically designed for RHD Model 3s. It's particularly effective if you're taking your car on track, but even if you only intend to drive on the road, you'll benefit from improved braking feel, especially when used in conjunction with our braided brake line kit.

Fitting couldn't be simpler. You don't have to remove the frunk, but if you take a little extra time to do that it makes adjustment a bit easier. Watch our installation video below to see how it works and how easy it is to install.


Bracket material: CNC milled 2014T651 aluminium billet

Finish: Machined & anodised

Weight (excluding mounting bolts): 200g 

Included: Bracket, extended mounting bolts, adjustable foot, locking grub screw, hex keys


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