About Us

Tevo Solutions was founded by motorsports entrepreneur and enthusiast John Chambers. His story is one of enlightenment and discovery, a tale of innovation (hey, it’s a Tesla thing). 

John started his career cutting his teeth working for a leading Group C team in the 1980s; he then signed up to the Brands Hatch Racing School under the mentorship of ex-F1 star Tony Trimmer. The School used XR3s and Formula Firsts at the time and John's passion for high-performance vehicles was ignited. 

John was successful on the track, racing saloons and single-seaters to victory in many races and even a few championships, but his fascination with performance extended beyond the circuit, out of the driver's seat and into racing metrics and optimisation of both car and driver.    

He founded Drivedata in 2002, which supplied WEC, Sportscar, F1 and one-make series with specialised data logging and video equipment. The mentee turned mentor, and John became one of the first instructors to use video as a coaching aid.

Around the same time, a motor company over on the USA's west coast raised considerable rounds of funding for their electric motor vehicle start-up. One of the investors was an exciting entrepreneur called Elon Musk. Guess you might have heard of him… Musk's contribution stretched beyond funding, with Musk setting out a clear manifesto that Tesla wanted to bring mass-market electric vehicles to the driving population.

Fast forward to the mid-2010s, and John's fascination with the electric vehicle industry gained traction after reviewing the performance figures for the first Tesla saloon car, the Model S. He quickly realised that Tesla was an industry game-changer. In 2016, he bought his first Tesla Model 3 the day before the official 'reveal' event in California, where the final design was unveiled. For John, it was love at first drive! 

John went on to extensively research the Tesla market. He discovered that there were very few upgrades and accessory options available in the UK.  John's mission was clear: to encourage EV owners to have as much fun with their cars as possible, both on and off track. In 2019 Tevo Solutions was born.

Providing first-class Tesla performance upgrades for Tesla Model S, Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model X (and soon to be Tesla Model Y) is what drives Tevo Solutions. This passion is combined with their core values: sustainability and limiting environmental impact.   

Collaborating with industry leaders across the UK, Tevo Solutions is the first company in the UK to design and manufacture aftermarket parts for Tesla cars, keeping the sourcing and testing supply chain streamlined. Quality of product is paramount and will never be, and never need to be, compromised. 

Tevo Solutions is putting the UK on the map for Tesla upgrades, and we couldn't be more delighted to have you in the passenger seat.