About Us

Tevo offers performance upgrades and spares primarily for Teslas, but expanding to other electric vehicles in the future. Based in the UK and owned by Tesla enthusiasts, we aim to offer those difficult-to-find parts and accessories along with some unique products we're working on right now!

We're a small company but our partners are some of the biggest and best in the industry.  With more than 35 years' motorsport experience we are now entering the electric age and want to help EV owners get the most from their vehicles.

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and one of the best ways to do this and benefit the UK economy is to design and manufacture products here. Our long term aim is to source all the products we sell from UK manufacturers or make them ourselves.

Tevo is a member of The Made in Britain organisation. The Made in Britain mark will be displayed on all products and product pages where appropriate, so you can be confident you're helping to support Britain's best manufacturers and reducing your carbon footprint too. 

This year we'll be adding a lot more products to the shop including more brake, suspension and aero upgrades.

If there's an item you're looking for but we don't yet offer, contact us and we should be able to help.