Llandow EV-Only Trackday Information

Last updated - 14/8

IMPORTANT! Please register if you are a driver or passenger here:

Main Drivers - https://adobe.ly/3xAxyZp

Passengers  - https://adobe.ly/3s3DxEM

We'll be updating this page in the days leading up to the event with any last minute announcements and information we think you might find useful.

General Information

Registration - A few days before the event you'll receive a link for signing on via email so please look out for that and check your spam folder if you haven't had anything by the day before. 

Arrival - Please arrive between 9:00-09:30 so we can start the briefing on time. If you're held up and arrive late it may cause a delay in getting you out on track.

Photography - We want to record this historic event so we'll have a photographer on hand to take a group photo of all the cars and drivers before we start the day. You'll also be photographed on track during the event and these photos will be available to you afterwards free of charge. We'll also be shooting video for our YouTube channel, website and other uses.  If for any reason you do not want photos or video of you or your car to appear online or in any coverage of the event, please let us know in advance of on the day and we'll ensure you're not featured. 

Garages - There are no pit garages at Llandow so you need to be prepared if the weather turns out to be wet! Don't forget that any loose items in your car should be removed before you go out on track, so make sure you can keep them dry. There are indoor areas you can leave bags and shelter in if the weather is really awful!

Charging - There are no dedicated EV charging facilities at Llandow circuit. If you really get stuck I'm sure we could find a 13A socket, but otherwise you will need to plan how and when you charge. Below is a list of local chargers, but we cannot verify if all of these are operational on or before the day so it would be a good idea to have a contingency plan. We have a Signal group dedicated to this day. Please consider joining it so we can all discuss how and when we're going to charge before and during the day. It should help avoid queues at local chargers!

Signal can be downloaded from here: https://signal.org/en/

Please email your mobile number to us here so we can add you (we will delete the group and your number after the event): info@tevo.solutions 

LocationTypePowerQty.Distance (miles)Notes
Tesla Cardiff  CF23 8HETesla CCS250kW825Good option for rapid charging on your way there or on the way home as sharing isn't an issue
Sarn services CF32 9SYTesla CCS + type 2120kW812Nearest SuC for use during the day, suggest we stagger the visits to ensure less sharing
Sarn services CF32 9SYEcotricity CCS/CHAdeMO50kW112Not yet upgraded by GridServe, requires Ecotricity app
Valgegate Retail Park CF5 6EHInstavolt CCS120kW213Good option for rapid charging on your way there or on the way home
Holiday Inn Express Cardiff Airport CF62 3BTCHAdeMO/CCS50kW19Good option for rapid charging on your way there or on the way home
Holiday Inn Express Cardiff Airport CF62 3BT
Type 222kW29An option for overnight charging 
Penllyn Estate Cowbridge Farm Shop CF71 7FFBP CCS50kW14Closest CCS to the track but avoid if you are in a Tesla to give others an option - contactless payment @ 35p
Moto Cardiff West Services (M4) CF72 8SAGridServe CCS50kW116Good option for rapid charging on your way there or on the way home
Cardiff Gate Services (M4 West) CF23 8RAEcotricity CCS50kW116Good option for rapid charging on your way there or on the way home
Tesco Barry CF62 8NXPodPoint CCS50kW111Good option for rapid charging on your way there or on the way home
Vale Business Park CF71 7PFEV-box (at DG Weaver)22kW20.140p so not cheap but might be useful

Charging Notes:

If travelling from the West (Swansea etc) then you'll want to use Sarn services as your final stop prior to heading to the circuit - we will do our best to coordinate - but expect it to be busy with this many EVs expecting to fill up completely and arrive at Llandow brimmed to the top

If travelling from the East then try to get as full as possible elsewhere before doing your final top up, e.g. Cardiff East and West services and obviously for those with a Tesla the Cardiff service centre

If heading from England and the M4/M5 then you are spoilt for choice around the Bristol area - there are 28 Tesla SuC units and lots of CCS to brim up with before heading into Wales

How much charge will I use on track? - As a rule of thumb, you will probably achieve approx. 20-25% of your normal range when driving on track at a good pace. Llandow is 0.9 mile long so if your car will usually go 200 miles on a charge, you might expect to get 55 laps out of a full charge, but you also need to factor in the distance from your preferred charger and leave some spare capacity to get back to it when you need to top up. 

We expect the afternoon to be much quieter on track than the morning, as some cars will be off site charging and others may have used up what they had, so it might pay to pace yourself during the early afternoon and have some electrons left for when it's quieter later. 

First Responder/Battery cut-off information - We like to be proactive when it comes to safety and although Llandow have been very positive about hosting the first EV-only track day, we want to do everything we can to make their life easier. With this in mind, it would be a good idea for every driver to bring with them information which would help the marshals deal with an incident. Specifically:

1. How best to tow my car if it stops on track for any reason

2. How to disable/disconnect the HV battery supply if necessary

As an example, the Tesla Model 3 can be towed safely as long as it's in (D)rive and the car powers up. It should not be towed otherwise other than at very low speed and for a short distance in Tow Mode. 

There is a battery isolation loop accessible under the Model 3 bonnet which can be cut to isolate the HV supply. 

Tesla first responder information is available to print out here:  https://www.tesla.com/en_GB/firstresponders

If you can provide similar information for your car we can present to the Marshals on the day it will show we are all taking safety seriously and want to help them with the switch to EVs.

Instruction - We will have at least 3 very experienced ARDS instructors available on the day providing free driver coaching. There's always something to learn, so don't be shy and take advantage of it! 

Cancellations - If you have to cancel please give us as much notice as possible.  If you cancel your booking at least 1 week before the day, we will refund you in full, less a £10 administration fee. If you cancel within 72 hours of the event we can offer you a credit against a future track day or a 50% refund. No refunds can be given if you fail to attend or cancel on the day.

More information about Llandow circuit and how to get there can be found on their website:  www.llandow.com

If you have any questions leading up to the event or need to get in contact with us, please use the contact form: Contact Us